The CNBC is pleased to announce that John Anderson (CMU Psychology and CNBC) has been awarded a 2016 Atkinson Prize in Psychological and Cognitive Sciences from the National Academy of Sciences (USA). The prize includes a gold-plated bronze medal and $100,000 and recognizes Anderson for his “foundational contributions to systematic theory and optimality analysis in cognitive and psychological science and for developing effective, theory-based cognitive tutors for education.” Mike Tarr, former CNBC co-director (CMU) and current head of Psychology (CMU), notes: “The fields of cognitive sciences and psychology have been fundamentally changed by John Anderson’s incredible body of theoretical work. The impact of his research on cognitive tutors is now creating similar change in student learning. Scientists and society are indebted to John for his contributions, and I am gratified that the academy is honoring him with this award.” More information about the award can be found here.