David Pane

Director of Computational Resources Carnegie Mellon UniversityNeuroscience Institute and CNBC Address MI 115G Phone: (412) 268-7108 Fax: (412) 268-5060

Andrew Papale

Post Doc with Mac Hooks University of PittsburghNeurobiology Address BST W1410
Research Description

Determine specific cell types and synaptic change involved during learning and execution of a motor cortex dependent skilled reaching task

Eunsol Park

Graduate Student Carnegie Mellon UniversityBiological Sciences

Ashley Parr

Post Doc with Beatriz Luna University of PittsburghPsychiatry Address Loeffler 113
Research Description

Combination of multiple neuroimaging methods (e.g., PET, fMRI) to understand neurocognitive development throughout the adolescent period.

Shivam Patel

Graduate Student University of PittsburghPhilosophy

David Paulsen

Post-doc with Beatriz Luna University of PittsburghPsychiatry Address Loeffler Bldg Room 110 Phone: (412) 383-8168
Research Description

Neurocognitive development; decision-making, motivation, adolescent risk-taking, substance abuse

Thomas Pearce

Post Doc with Rob Turner University of PittsburghNeuroscience Address BST3 4079
Research Description

Studying the corticothalamic motor circuitry for control of voluntary arm movements.

Marta Pecina

Photo of Marta Pecina
Assistant Professor University of PittsburghPsychiatry Address 100 N. Bellefield Ave. Phone: (412) 246-5831 Website: http://www.psychiatry.pitt.edu/node/9823
Research Description

Neuroimaging predictors of treatment responses in depression

Cedric Peirs

Post Doc with Rebcca Seal University of PittsburghNeurobiology Address BST3 6068 Phone: 412-294-3246
Research Description

Neural circuits underlying touch and pain

David Evan Pence

Photo of David Evan Pence
Graduate Student with Edouard Machery University of PittsburghHistory And Philosophy of Science Address CL 1017

Charles Perfetti

Photo of Charles Perfetti
Professor University of PittsburghPsychology Address LRDC 644 Phone: 412-624-7071 Fax: 412-624-9149 Website: http://www.lrdc.pitt.edu/people/researcher-detail.cshtml?id=308
Research Description

My research program addresses language and reading processes, from word processing through comprehension, studied in English and comparatively across languages. The research includes cognitive (behavioral) studies, ERPs, EEGs, and collaborative research in fMRI and MEG. The general goal is to achieve a richer view of language processes by the combination of methods. Projects include 1) Text comprehension studied with ERPs to expose readers word-to-text integration processes. 2a) Universal and writing-system specific components of reading. Comparisons across languages and writing systems expose what is general and specific in reading; 2b) Learning to read a second language in a new writing system. 3) New word learning, especially the processes by which the meanings of new words become integrated into the mental lexicon.

Maria Perica

Graduate Student with Beatriz Luna University of PittsburghPsychology Address Sennott Square 3137

Susan Perlman

Photo of Susan Perlman
Assistant Professor University of PittsburghPsychiatry Address Loeffler 121 Phone: 412-624-4139 Website: http://www.lcbd.pitt.edu
Research Description

Neurodevelopment of emotion

Bailey Petersen

Graduate Student University of PittsburghBioengineering

Erik Peterson

Post Doc with Mark Wheeler University of PittsburghPsychology Address LRDC 617
Research Description

Using a combination of MVPA (machine learning applied to fMRI data), simulation, and formal models of categorization to better understand the intersection of perceptual decision making and memory.

Jamie Peven

Photo of Jamie Peven
Graduate Student with Kirk Erickson University of PittsburghPsychology

Andreas Pfenning

Photo of Andreas Pfenning
Assistant Professor Carnegie Mellon UniversityComputational Biology Secondary Department Biological Sciences (CMU) Address Gates-Hillman Center 7711 Phone: (412) 268-5518 Website: http://www.pfenninglab.org/
Research Description

Genomics of neurological disorders and behavior

Mary L. Phillips

Professor University of PittsburghPsychiatry Address Loeffler Bldg 305 Phone: 412-383-8206 Fax: 412-383-8336 Website: http://www.wpic.pitt.edu/research/neg/default.htm

Ryan Phillips

Post Doc with Jonathan Rubin University of PittsburghMathematics Address Thackeray 518
Research Description

Characterization of the neural circuits of the basal ganglia and the pre-botzinger complex using mathematical and computational approaches.

Tara Pirnia

Photo of Tara Pirnia
Graduate Student with Tom Mitchell Carnegie Mellon UniversityNeuroscience Institute
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