Daniela Uliana

Post Doc with Anthony Grace
University of PittsburghNeuroscience Address Langley A210
Research Description

Neurobiology of schizophrenia and depression.

Akash Umakantha

Graduate Student with Byron Yu & Matt Smith
Photo of Akash Umakantha
Carnegie Mellon UniversityCNBC

Nathan Urban

Co-Director, Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition, Professor and Associate Chair – Department of Neurobiology Phone: 412-648-9590
Photo of Nathan Urban
University of PittsburghNeurobiology Secondary Department CNBC Address E1446 Biomedical Science Tower Website: http://www.neurobio.pitt.edu/faculty/urban.htm

Research Topics:  Characterization of Neural Circuits, Diseases & Disorders, Molecular, Cellular & Synaptic Processes, Sensation & Perception

Research Description

Physiology and modeling of the mouse olfactory system

Joanna Urban Ciecko

Post Doc with Alison Barth Phone: 412-268-3256
Carnegie Mellon UniversityBiological Sciences Address MI 159D
Research Description

Role of GABAergic neurons in controlling neocortical circuitry.

Mike Urbin

Post Doc with Doug Weber Phone: (412) 383-1355
University of PittsburghPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation Address Keystone 300
Research Description

Sensorimotor neurophysiology of stroke, spinal cord injury, and lower-limb amputation.

Fatma Uyar

Postdoc with Kirk Erickson Phone: (412) 807-8055
University of PittsburghPsychology Address Sennott Square 3510
Research Description

Relationship between health interventions and brain structure and function


Ana Van Gulick

Post Doc in University Libraries Phone: (412) 268-7311
Carnegie Mellon University Address Hunt Library 410
Research Description

CLIR fellow for data curation in the sciences; research interests: object recognition and categorization, perceptual expertise, individual differences.

Polina Vanyukov

Postdoctoral Scholar with Charles Reynolds Phone: (412) 246-6562
University of PittsburghPsychiatry Address Bellefield Towers 748
Research Description

Altered behavior and neurocognitive mechanisms thereof during decision-making in suicidal elders.

Robert Vargas

Graduate Student with Marcel Just
Carnegie Mellon UniversityPsychology

Alberto Vazquez

Research Assistant Professor Phone: 412-624-1210 Fax: 412-383-6799
Photo of Alberto Vazquez
University of PittsburghRadiology Secondary Department Bioengineering (Pitt) Address McGowen 159 Website: http://www.engineering.pitt.edu/Alberto_Vazquez/

Research Topics:  Characterization of Neural Circuits, Diseases & Disorders, Methods Development, Sensation & Perception

Research Description

Two-photon microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, optical imaging, electrophysiology, MRI, fMRI. Brain blood flow and energy metabolism, Alzheimer’s disease

Katerina Velanova

Assistant Professor Phone: 412-867-6676 Fax: 412-383-8179
Photo of Katerina Velanova
University of PittsburghPsychiatry Address Loeffler Building109

Research Topics:  Characterization of Neural Circuits, Developmental Processes, Diseases & Disorders, Executive Control & Memory, Learning & Memory

Valerie Ventura

Associate Professor Phone: 412-268-4249 Fax: 412-268-7828
Carnegie Mellon UniversityStatistics Address BH 229E Website: http://www.stat.cmu.edu/~vventura/

Research Topics:  Characterization of Neural Circuits, Motor Control, Sensation & Perception

Katherine Verdolini Abbott

Professor Phone: 412-383-6540 Fax: 412-383-6555
Photo of Katherine Verdolini Abbott
University of PittsburghCommunication Science And Disorders Address FRTOW 4039 Website: http://www.shrs.pitt.edu/kav25/

Research Topics:  Affective / Clinical, Developmental Processes, Diseases & Disorders, Learning & Memory, Molecular, Cellular & Synaptic Processes, Sensation & Perception

Timothy Verstynen

Assistant Professor Phone: 412-268-4615
Photo of Timothy Verstynen
Carnegie Mellon UniversityPsychology Secondary Department CNBC Address Baker Hall 340U Website: http://www.cognitiveaxon.com

Research Topics:  Characterization of Neural Circuits, Learning & Memory, Methods Development, Motor Control, Reasoning & Problem Solving, Spatial Cognition & Attention

Research Description

Sensorimotor systems, health neuroscience and connectomics.

Catalina Vich Llompart

Post Doc with Jon Rubin
University of PittsburghMathematics Address Thackeray 520
Research Description

Computational models in single cells (estimation of synaptic conductances) and neuronal networks (plasticity effects on the neuronal activity).

Mark Vida

Post Doc with Marlene Behrmann Phone: (412) 268-4237
Carnegie Mellon UniversityPsychology Address BH 329A
Research Description

Visual perception in typical adults, typically developing children, and adults in some special populations (e.g., ASD) using psychophysics, fMRI and MEG.

Nathan Vogler

Graduate Student with Sarah Ross Phone: (412) 624-1134
Photo of Nathan Vogler
University of PittsburghCNUP Address Langley A210

Keith Vogt

Assistant Professor
Photo of Keith Vogt
University of PittsburghAnesthesiology Address Montefiore 467 Website: https://www.anesthesiology.pitt.edu/people/keith-m-vogt-md-phd

Research Topics:  Learning & Memory

Research Description

Modulation of human memory by pain under light sedation with anesthetics.


Nicholas Walsh

Post-Doctoral Fellow with Mary Phillips Phone: (412) 383-8194
University of PittsburghPsychiatry Address LOEFF 203

Wei Wang

Assistant Professor Phone: 412-648-6666
Photo of Wei Wang
University of PittsburghPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation Secondary Department Bioengineering (Pitt) Address Kaufmann 202 Website: http://www.rehabmedicine.pitt.edu/about_us/faculty/wang.html

Research Topics:  Diseases & Disorders, Language & Reading, Motor Control

Research Description

Neuroprosthetics and motor system neuroscience and rehabilitation


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