The people listed below are in charge of various activities and programs within the CNBC. Individuals who should be contacted with specific issues or questions are highlighted; you can click on their names to access their individual web pages (faculty) or to initiate an email (staff and students). When in doubt, address administrative questions to Amanda Fetsick (Pitt) or Rebecca Clark (CMU).

CNBC Co-directors Nathan Urban (Pitt) and Barbara Shinn-Cunningham (CMU)
CNBC Associate Directors Marlene Cohen (Pitt) and Wayne Wu (CMU)
CNBC Administrators Rebecca Clark (CMU) (412) 268-1899
Amanda Fetsick (Pitt) (412) 383-9878
Graduate Training Program David Touretzky (CMU) and Carol Colby (Pitt), Co-directors
Amanda Fetsick (Pitt) and Rebecca Clark (CMU), Program Administrators
Student Education Committee Representatives Michael Granovetter (CMU), Hillary Wehry (CMU)
Colloquium Series Faisal Baqai (CMU), Orma Ravindranath (Pitt)
Brain Bags Erinn Grigsby (Pitt), Brian Jeon (CMU), Patricia Stan (Pitt)
Retreat Committee Avniel Ghuman (Pitt), Sandra Kuhlman (CMU),
Matt Boring (Pitt), Kevin Mohsenian (Pitt)
Social Committee Carmen Fisac (CMU), Angelica Herrera (Pitt), Katrina Nguyen (CMU)
Postdoc Committee Dika Kuljis (Pitt), Lizzie Manning (Pitt), Ajit Ray (CMU)
Friday Seminars Carol Colby
Webmaster David Pane and Melissa Stupka
Travel Grants
Computer Orders
CMU students: Melissa Stupka
115 Mellon Institute
4400 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
tel: 412-268-8362
fax: 412-268-5060
Pitt students: Emily Bandi
4074 BST3
3501 Fifth Avenue
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15261
tel: 412-383-9872
fax: 412-383-9061
Graduate Admissions
Computer Facilities David Pane (CMU)
Hunter Simpson (Pitt)